What we believe about cancer.

Cancer doesn’t get to swallow your days and your nights. It doesn’t get to put stress in your life or plague you with fear. It doesn’t get to come between you and your loved ones and it doesn’t get to come between you and your God. For many, these emotional and spiritual cancer battles can be as difficult as the physical battles. In short, cancer does not get to be more important than the most important things in your life. The most important things in your life are the things you can use to push the cancer back so you can breathe again.

What we believe about Jesus Christ.

Jesus is a master at pushing back the chaos of cancer for everyone. Whether you have drawn close to Him since childhood, wandered from the comfort of His presence, or know Jesus only as an acquaintance or stranger, it doesn’t matter.  Jesus, the Son of God, sees you as His precious child and He is with you now. He is closer than your breath. Whether sitting in the chemo room or waiting for your scan results, Jesus is with you.

As a believer in Christ, you may know that through life or death, Christ is always with you. But please also know this: Jesus has much more to offer you than the certainty of your salvation.  Beyond being your Savior, I pray you come to know Jesus as:

  • the rock that holds you when you’re weak.
  • the arms that lift you from the depth.
  • the light that flickers in your darkness.
  • the voice that soothes you in the silence.

Jesus is all you need and more.

Our Calling…    

Our Mission Statement

Cancer Companion’s trained volunteers draw people coping with cancer closer to Christ through prayer, scripture and companionship.

Our Passion…


trained Christian volunteers from every denomination and ethnicity consistently lifting those hurting with cancer so they may seize the hope of Christ.


the latest technology being used to share prayer, scripture and companionship with cancer patients, survivors, caregivers and their loved ones.


anxiety dropping, depression lifting and quality of life improving for the lives of those who are touched- both volunteer and participant.


Christ saying to all involved “Well done good and faithful servant.”

This is the vision of Cancer Companions.

The Adventure with the Lord Begins…

Our History

Sept 2011                 After years of leading Christian cancer support groups, Christian counselor and author Karen Tripp trained 3 volunteers to lead the Seeing God in your Cancer Journey Program at their church.

July 2012            Our first video series-Innermost Thoughts-  released to accompany Seeing God in Your Cancer Journey Program.

Dec 2012             Based in the Greater St Louis area, Cancer Companions has grown to 14 churches and 149 volunteer facilitators.

September 2013   Cancer Companions launched in Raleigh/Durham area.

October 2016            Meeting Jesus Video series premieres at the Greater St Louis Cancer Survivorship Retreat

August 2018              Cancer Companions Facilitator Training moves to online format.

January 2019            8,053 services/prayers received during the First Annual 30 Days of Cancer Prayer National Campaign

February 2019             Bigger Than Cancer Bible Study pilot launched.