Let’s Make it Count! 30 Days Cancer Prayer

“So how do I take the 30 Days momentum and have it strengthen my Cancer Companions ministry?” “More Participants?” “More Volunteers?”

Let’s do this by building a COMMUNITY around your Cancer Companion team so people are aware of who you are and what you do.
CHECK THIS OUT: Any Cancer Companion church can use these steps whether you actively participated in 30 Days 2020 or not.

 CLICK HERE for “Update” email template

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“Update” Email Template- Make It Count Campaign

Template Church Make It Count Update Email

SUBJECT LINE: Update: 30 Days of Cancer Prayer

Dear _____________,

Did you hear 30 Days of Cancer Prayer, the virtual prayer event sponsored by Cancer Companions, blew away all expectations?  If you joined us, you were certainly not praying alone.

On the first day of the 30 day event, we reached over 10,000 people between just the Day 1 cancer prayer video and the Facebook Live Kickoff event video.  And that was just the first day!  It is empowering to know so many were battling cancer one prayer at a time.

It is a joy to be on the Cancer Companion team here at ____________________.(add church name).  What do we do?  We connect with those in cancer treatment, post treatment, caregivers and loved ones through 2 roles: weekly Cancer Prayer Partners, or Cancer Bible Study Facilitators.  (Add picture of your team here, if available.)

The connection that comes during the 30 Days of Cancer Prayer is remarkable.  Since you also have an interest in cancer prayer, I thought of a few ways we could stay connected:

  1. If you are coping with cancer, would you like a request prayer and/or a Cancer Prayer Partner to connect weekly to see what topics they can prayer for you? Contact me at _________________. Your Email address.
  2. If you have a heart for helping others, would you like to learn more about becoming a Cancer Companions Volunteer? Let me know at ____________. Your Email address.
  3. If you wonder how others are coping with cancer, would you like to attend ________________________. (State your next event. group? Prayer service?)   This will be held on _____________(List the dates and times i.e. 2nd Tuesdays at 6:30pm) at____ (location).  Flyer attached.
  4. If you know people coping with cancer, attached is a flyer with more information which you are welcome to share with others. Feel free to bring your friend- it’s often easier that way.

It would be nice to stay connected this year on one of the above topics and I am looking forward to reconnecting with you next January for 30 Days of Cancer Prayer 2021.  There will be a quarterly email to let you know other Christian cancer ministry opportunities through our Cancer Companion team.

Blessings to you and yours,

____________ your name

_____________ your Email

____________ your Cancer Companion Team phone number.

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God is Bigger Than Stress Management

As a Marriage and Family Therapist, I have taught my share of stress management classes over the years.  Let me give you the short version:

#1 Our bodies are made to react to danger.

#2 This reaction is called fight or flight so that when danger comes, your body automatically makes your heart rate, blood pressure and breathing rate increase.  Why? So you can fight or flee the danger.

#3 After the threat is gone, your body returns to normal.

Let’s say there’s a bear roaring at you in the woods.   You are like “Oh no!  It’s a bear!”  Your body immediately gets all pumped up so it’s ready to either fight or flee the bear.  This is pretty intense.

Part of stress management is recognizing that sometimes it’s not a bear.  It’s a hamster, but you’re reacting like it’s a bear.  Continue reading

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Facing Cancer Together Devotion- Excerpt

(Finding God in Your Cancer Journey Chapter 3 TRUTH excerpt)

One way to see how minimizing can play a role in your cancer walk is to look at the ways  people share or do not share about their cancer with those they love.

People diagnosed with cancer…
• Might protect the people they love from the difficulty of their cancer treatment.
• Might not share the severity of their discomfort, fatigue or pain.
• Might not tell of their fears for their future or the future for those they love.
• Might feel that “No one wants to hear about my cancer.”
Caregivers and loved ones…
• Might protect the person with the diagnosis by not sharing stressful topics affecting the
caregiver and others.
• Might not share about struggles with finances, maintaining the household, their own fatigue or even the caregiver’s health.
• Might feel that “No one wants to hear about the cancer.”
Sharing on your Cancer Journey
What about you? Find Changes in Your Sharing Score
▶ Place an X to indicate how much you shared at each phase of your cancer
How much did you share about the difficulties in your life with those you
Before the diagnosis:
Very Little / Some Things /Almost Everything
Beginning of Treatment:
Very Little / Some Things /Almost Everything
Very Little / Some Things /Almost Everything
▶ Do you see changes in your Sharing Scores? How?
Share your response if you would like.

The problem is that the people you are protecting are the ones you’ve shared your struggles with throughout your life. Raising kids, financial difficulties, grief, loss- it’s our
loved ones that we turn to through these. Now cancer has come, and as both a patient and a caregiver, we protect our loved ones from the strain it is having on us.  “They have enough on their plates. They don’t need to worry about me.” Does this sound like minimizing?
It may help to think of minimizing from the flip side.
▶ Imagine someone you love going through a very hard time, but to you they minimized the problem. “Not a big deal.”  Much later you find out how difficult the struggle really was. If you’d known how large the struggle was, do you think the Lord could have used you to lessen that person’s load, even if primarily through companionship and prayer?
Yes/No Why or why not?

Share your response if you would like.

Too often dark lies creep into our thinking: “It’s hard being alone so much, but it’s silly to have someone come just to visit with me.”  “There’s nothing they can do to stop the cancer,
so it’s better for everyone if I don’t say how hard this has been.”
▶ Half of these sentences above are true and half are lies. Circle the truths.
There is a loneliness and isolation that can stifle a patient, survivor and caregiver on a cancer walk. The truth? God designed us to live in community. That’s where the joy of the
Lord is easiest to touch. By sharing the truth of your struggle, you can receive the gentle
companionship God desires for you.
 “By sharing the truth of my struggle, I can receive the
gentle companionship God desires for me.”

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NFL Star Kurt Warner Focus on Cancer Caregivers on Big Game Sunday

NFL Star Kurt Warner Focus on Cancer Caregivers on Big Game Sunday


St Louis, MO:  NFL Star Kurt Warner has built a reputation of being a dynamic leader and athlete as well as a willingness to help those who are struggling.  This Big Game Sunday will find Kurt shining a light on the difficulties of cancer caregivers.  On Sunday, February 2nd Kurt Warner will be leading the nation virtually in a prayer for cancer care givers as part of the 30 Days of Cancer Prayer event.

Kurt has a clarity of the role of a caregiver not just in regards to cancer but our society as a whole.   “We live in a society where I feel like so many give simply due to an expectation of what they are going to receive,” Warner explains.  “With caregivers we know that there is very little that they receive. That it is so much giving.”

Yet Kurt’s understanding of caregiving is not just on a larger, societal level.  He shares the deeply personal sacrifices caregivers face each day.  About caregiver’s Warner explains “We understand that they take their own journey.  They take on their own pain.  They take on their own suffering.  They are unselfishly giving of themselves in so many ways solely to have impact on so many that they are caring for.”

Participants to 30 Days of Cancer Prayer (www.30dayscancerprayer.com) receive daily cancer prayer videos from prominent Christians by phone, email or Facebook.  The virtual aspect of the event enables individuals both nationally and internationally to join together in cancer prayer.  Register by texting the word “cancer” to 57838.  The event is sponsored by Cancer Companions.

Cancer Companions, President Karen Tripp explains the importance of Kurt’s focus on caregivers.  “Cancer care givers are often overlooked.  “Think about when you approach a couple where one of them has been diagnosed.  The typical reaction is to ask the cancer patient “Are you alright?  Is there anything I can do?”  The truth is that most needs of the cancer patient (managing meds, watching diet, arrange appointments, look out for side effects) can not be done by a committee.  They need to be done by the care giver.  The problem? That’s a lot of responsibility on one person.  So perhaps we should be asking the caregiver “Are you alright?  Is there anything I can do?”  The truth is, friends and family need to care for the caregiver so the care giver can take care of the patient.”  30 Days of Cancer Prayer is sponsored by Cancer Companions, a cancer ministry which serves anyone in cancer treatment, post cancer treatment and their caregivers.

Statement by Kurt Warner NFL Quarterback

“So many choose to live a selfish life.  These caregivers choosing to live so unselfishly choosing to take on a journey they do not necessarily have to take on; to take on a burden they do not necessarily have to take on but they accept that role.”

Statement by Karen Tripp MS LMFT President of Cancer Companions

“To have Kurt Warner drawing attention to the hardships of cancer caregivers is a game changer.   Too often caregivers feel as though their struggle is insignificant because ‘it’s not as bad as the person with cancer,’ and that is certainly true.  However, the burden of caregiving often leads to physical, and emotional exhaustion.  What caregivers need is a place to share but many fall into believing ‘Things are worse for them so who am I to talk?’”  With Kurt’s clear and powerful understanding of caregiving, we are hoping this will give care givers permission to seek the support they need.”

“It can be said that on the day of a cancer diagnosis, more people are impacted than the patient.  This statement particularly applies to the cancer caregiver.”

About 30 Days of Cancer Prayer: For 2020, 30 Days of Cancer Prayer will run from January 26th- February 24th gathering people nationwide to pray for cancer topics including everything from finances, to chemotherapy to breast cancer. The daily video prayers can be received by phone, email or Facebook.  To register go to www.30dayscancerprayer.com  Event is sponsored by Cancer Companions. www.cancer-companions.org


Editor Note: For images or further information contact Meagan@cancer-companions.org

Karen Tripp

Cancer Companions



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Order of Service 30 Day Cancer Prayer Kickoff Service 2020

Order of Worship   

30 Days Cancer Prayer 2020 Kickoff Prayer Service


  • Welcome: In audience in The Crave and Facebook live audience.
  • Please leave prayer requests in comments section of Facebook.
  • Order of service is at cancer-companions.org/blog

Musical Performance: St Gabriel’s Children Choir

Scripture Presentation

Whose fight is cancer?                    The Lord’s

All those gathered here will know that it is not by sword or spear that the Lord saves; for the battle is the Lord’s,” 1 Samuel 17:47a

This is what the LORD says to you: ‘Do not be afraid or discouraged …. For the battle is not yours, but God’s.  2 Chronicles 20:15b

‘Not by might nor by power, but by my Spirit,’ says the Lord Almighty. Zechariah 4:6b

If God is for us, who can be against us? Romans 8:31b

Continue reading

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Share the Prayers Giveaway Entry!

This year we are EXCITED to be hosting a “Share the Prayer” giveaway and the rules are simple.

  1. Fill out the form below as your official entrance into the giveaway.

  2. Visit Cancer Companions Facebook Page https://www.facebook.com/cancercomp/between Jan 26- Feb 24 and share 15 or more of our 30 daily cancer prayers.  Just click share under each prayer!

And that’s it! If you do this you will receive your very own Cancer Companions tote bag*.

*Please note this giveaway will run only while supplies last.

Share the Prayer Giveaway Entry

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Never Gonna Steal My Joy by Mandisa

What do you do to keep cancer from stealing your joy?

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I Will Fear No More by The Afters

The Afters say “You’re my strength ’cause I’m not strong enough to win this fight” During your cancer walk, how did you need God’s strength?

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Battling Cancer and Prayer Devotional (Excerpt Finding Hope in Your Cancer Journey)

Problems are still there. Take cancer. God is in control of your cancer and…
• There will be days that are miserable.
• There will be people who disappoint me.
• There will be changes to my body that limit me.
• There will be plans that change, people that change and finances that change.

Minimizing problems can lead you to…
• NOT acknowledging your problems.
• NOT admitting that you need help with the problems.
• NOT accepting help from those God has sent to help you.
• NOT facing problems with others.
• NOT allowing others to lift your problems up in prayer.
• NOT battling loneliness by being with those who care for you.
Here’s another thing about minimizing problems: If you don’t acknowledge the depth of your problems, then how can you give all your burdens to Christ in prayer? Continue reading

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