Seeing God Cancer Stories – “My Brother and My Friend”

On this episode of Seeing God Cancer Stories join Larry Marshall and Dwayne Little as they discuss Dwayne’s amazing story to survivorship.

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Seeing God Cancer Stories – When Your Group becomes Your Family

Join Rachel Zink and Jenny Ritzert as they discuss Jenny’s unique journey with Cancer Companions and how her Cancer Companions support group helped keep her calm through her husband’s cancer journey.

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Seeing God Cancer Stories – When God Blesses You with Cancer

Lou Ann, newly diagnosed with lung cancer, saw a sign for a Cancer Companions Group. There she met Ken 5 year lung cancer survivor the Cancer Companion Facilitator. hear how God weaves blessings through Lou Ann’s treatment and uses the group to bring Lou Ann and Ken empathy, love and dear friends.

Update on LouAnn:

LouAnn Barczykowski (from our Seeing God series) came to her 1st Cancer Companions support meeting after seeing a notice on a Church’s electronic sign. She had been diagnosed stage 4 lung cancer that day. She came to our support meeting the following month wearing a customized t-shirt that read, WIN/WIN. She explained to us that she would either defeat the disease and win that way or she would get to meet God before the rest of us and win that way.

Well it looks like she is defeating the disease. Her PT scan a week ago showed zero cancer cells anywhere in her body, PRAISE THE LORD!!! LouAnn became a member of Dardenne Presbyterian in January, 2019. She serves as a positive example for all of us in the cancer support group. If your journey is proving difficult, you might want to check in with LouAnn and get a serious dose of HOPE.

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Video of the Month – Connecting with Participants

Video of the month is an opportunity for us to feature our favorite Continuing Education videos in the website’s archives. Our hope is that you will watch them to gain more skills, knowledge, and understanding of the cancer experience from a different perspective than your own.

Watch with your team at your monthly meeting or on your own. BEST PART? You can share these videos with friends and family – but only for the month they are featured…

APRIL’S VIDEO – Lesson #2 Connecting with Participants
By Karen Tripp, MS LMFT

From the Online Cancer Companions Facilitator Training program.
In this lesson you will learn what to do BEFORE you invite them to a group meeting. Learn how to tell them you are their Cancer Prayer Partner and then use their role to draw them closer to Christ through prayer, fellowship, and scripture.
A special treat to launch this new series is to view for no cost a lesson from the Online CC Facilitator Training Program.

MAY’S VIDEO – Clinical Trials: The Basics
By Cancer Clinical Research Nurse Christopher Buck, MS, RN, OCN

Why are clinical trials important? What are the different types of trials? What are the benefits and risks of participating?
Answers to these questions and MORE from a very smart guy who works in clinical trials everyday.

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Good to Be Alive by Jason Gray

One of my ALL TIME favorite songs!!!

Are there places, days, times in your cancer walk you can say “It’s good to be alive?” Perhaps that is seeing with new eyes.


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God is Bigger Than Eye Glasses

I can certainly see.  If we stepped outside and you asked me if I could see the leaves on that tree, I would say, “Yes.”  But after 32 years of wearing glasses, I know that I may not be seeing those leaves as clearly as you are.  It would depend upon how long since I’ve had my eyeglass prescription adjusted.  Most of the time, my prescription has a small adjustment that’s not a big deal, but a couple of times a decade I have a large adjustment, and it’s like, “WOW!  I can’t believe I can see SO much clearer!”  Before a big adjustment to my glasses, I am certain that I can see the leaves, but after the adjustment, I can really see the leaves.  I become more certain.

So, how can certainty grow?  Continue reading

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EXCERPT Bible Study #8 Certainty Bigger Than Cancer

Seeing with New Eyes

Struggle Through the Eyes of the World Through the Eyes of Jesus
Sickness You see someone who is sick, and you feel their suffering. You also see their opportunity for healing, forgiveness and restoration.
Heart Broken You see someone neglected by a loved one, and you feel their rejection. You also see a window for them to find new strength, new courage and true belonging.
Loneliness You see someone who is overwhelmed with loneliness, and you feel their isolation. You also see the potential for them to reach out for God-blessed companionship.

 Let me be clear- God does not give you suffering, rejection, isolation or illness.  Some people think God makes bad things happen so he can “fix” people.  This is a Dark Lie.  God’s Truth is that Jesus already fixed you on the cross.  With Christ’s resurrection you were made new.  Done deal.  Yet, struggles can provide opportunities for you to see Christ, the world and yourself more clearly, and that can be a wonderful thing.  Wouldn’t it be a fine thing to improve your ability to see the world, your loved ones, and mostly yourself, through the eyes of Jesus?

Every day and every breath is an opportunity to see through the eyes of Jesus, but struggles like cancer can make these opportunities more obvious. Perhaps from God’s view, cancer is an opportunity for…

  • A restoration of things that were broken.
  • A renewal of things that were stale.
  • A rebirth of things that were lost.
  • A creation of paths that were unseen.
  • An appreciation of things that are rediscovered.

Let’s discover how Jesus can step into your life and offer you the opportunity to view the world through new eyes- His eyes.

  • What about you? Look at the list above again.  Circle any of these opportunities that Jesus might be seeing in your life.

Your cancer journey is about more than surviving… much more.

Think for a minute about your life since your cancer diagnosis, or the diagnosis of a loved one.  Odds are you have changed the way you look at things: things like your body, your relationships, your finances and your future, just to name of few.  As these thoughts change, can you feel Jesus pulling you closer to Him in the midst of these thoughts?  Has Jesus shown up in your cancer walk and seen opportunities to give you new eyes?  His eyes?

  • Referring to the Seeing with New Eyes chart and the list of Opportunities below it, take a moment to fill in your answer below.

“During my cancer journey, I could see and feel my __________________________________,

(Your hardest struggle with cancer)


but Jesus could clearly see the opportunity for ______________________________________.”

(How your struggle could be used for His good.)

  To Find a Bigger Than Cancer Bible Study:

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The Unexpected Long Term Effects of Cancer

A cancer diagnosis is always unwelcomed news. The denial of its existence is a normal part of dealing with the health condition. After accepting the medical diagnosis, identifying the source that caused the cancer can be a challenge. However, there are many sources that have been linked to the life altering disease. While all sources are not publicly known, some sources that have been announced in the news include asbestos, talcum powder, and prescription drugs.

Cancer Statistics

According to the American Cancer Society, over 1.7 million diagnoses will be revealed. This number includes more than half a million individuals who will become fatal victims. Some of the most common cancers include:

•Breast cancer
•Cervical cancer
•Lung cancer
•Prostate cancer
•Lung cancer

There are also other forms of cancer, and depending on what stage your cancer is diagnosed, the road to recovery can be a tumultuous journey. For example, according to the National Cervical Cancer Coalition, approximately 13,000 women receive a cancer diagnosis every year. Although this number is low compared to the national statistics, this number still reveals how the lack of preventative care can be a prevailing factor.

Although the National Cervical Cancer Coalition provides statistical data, resources are also available that can assist women in becoming proactive regarding their healthcare management. Some initiatives that can be taken include receiving vaccinations and annual testing.

Nonphysical Cancer Effects

If you have a strong family network, or if you’re traveling this road alone, there are some things you need to know regarding the nonphysical effects of cancer. The physical effects of every cancer case is not alike, but the psychological and emotional impact may be similar. For example, when cancer treatment is initially administered, you may be able to sustain your physical strength, but as time goes on, your strength may become depleted. As a result, your ability to work may be restricted.

When this happens, you may not be prepared financially to handle this situation. The income adjustment and cancer treatment routines can affect you mentally especially if you don’t have others to support you in these areas. You may have family members that could help you, but your relationships may be strained. This can occur when you’re trying to manage family responsibilities, or your children and other family members don’t fully understand the impact of your cancer. Whatever your circumstance is, your mental and emotional condition is equally important as your physical health.

Ways to Handle Cancer-Related Stress

Although the outcome of your physical health cannot be determined at this time, there are ways you can manage the related stress. Research has indicated that cancer education is important. When you take time to educate yourself about your medical diagnosis, you can improve your chances of survival by adhering to your doctor’s instructions and making other lifestyle changes.

Additionally, seeking psychological counseling can improve your emotional and mental health. This type of care can be beneficial during times when you feel angry, depressed, or anxious about your life. You will be able to gain clarity about your feelings and learn how to handle stress in appropriate ways. Your family members can benefit from this type of counseling because of the sudden shift in their responsibilities.

The stress management strategies you develop can also be influential in changing your perception about your future. Once you have obtained the information you need to increase your understanding about cancer, you can develop a plan on how to reduce mental stress so that you can remain emotionally healthy. Your physician can also refer you to psychological care services if you prefer to remain within your healthcare network.

Medical Care Advancements

The medical industry has developed innovative treatment methods that have helped many patients recover from cancer. This ranges from immunotherapy and radiation to new forms of treatment involving hyperbaric chambers, cord blood infusion and various forms of chemotherapy.

Cancer is physically conquerable such with such innovations, but the emotional toll lasts forever. So while these are crucial to life and survival, it’s important we don’t forget about tangential love and support from medical professionals, friends and family.

For national cervical cancer awareness month, January, it’s important we remember this important message. More information on the emotional effects of a cancer diagnosis are readily available on popular websites like The American Cancer Society, American Lung Association and more. Information on cervical cancer and mesothelioma is available here as well as through popular websites like

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8 Tips for a Strong Volunteer Team

Photo by Papaioannou Kostas on Unsplash

By Karen Tripp MS LMFT

President /Founder Cancer Companions

Picture a small group of volunteers

  • passionate about the same cause
  • committed to make a difference
  • equipped to serve others
  • joyful in their endeavor

What size impact could they make on their community?  GIGANTIC!! Continue reading

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