BOOK REVIEW OF THE WEEK: Day of War by Cliff Graham

I found another “guy book”. What can I say?  I like guy books!  Day of War by Cliff Graham has great action scenes, excellent suspense and the characterization of a group of warriors that reeks of authenticity.  The best part? It’s the first in a series of books that looks at King David and his Mighty Men.  Doesn’t sound familiar?  That’s because the stories of David’s Mighty Men is a little known and rarely preached on portion of the Bible. But it must be pretty exciting stuff- they’re gonna make a movie out of this book.

The Lion of War series looks at the period of King David’s life between his defeat of the giant Goliath and his arrival as King of the Israel and Judah. For years between David lived with a band of outcast that tried to help the nation where they were not wanted.  Of course there were Philisteens, bandits and a crazy Jewish king to deal with but that’s what keep life interesting.  If you’re a Bible history buff like me or you like adventure books with good moral struggles, this book is for you.  Enjoy!

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