BOOK REVIEW OF THE WEEK: The Bible Timeline by Thomas Robinson

OK, this book may only be for Bible nerds like me but it’s the coolest book.  It’s called the Bible Timeline and it not only shows references for the entire Bible laid out in chronological order, it also tells you what was happening in the other ancient civilizations at the time.  Did you know that in the same time period when the Olympic games began Jonah took his ride in a big fish?  You can see all of Biblical history laid out in this giant book.  Did I mention that the book is at least 2 feet by 1 foot?  AND THEN, the pages unfold into a 8 foot long time line that can stretch across the room.

Your kids might get a kick out of this book.  It lends itself to a feeling of discovery.  Maybe this is not the book for you but maybe you know a Bible nerd that would like one for Easter.  See, Bible nerds are not that hard to buy for…

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