Cancer and Coronavirus

Cancer and Coronavirus Tips

Wondering what you can be doing for the loved ones in your life who are dealing with cancer while all of this coronavirus craziness is going on? Karen has some ideas of how you can make them feel connected while keeping your distance!

Looking for more prayers to help you through your self quarantine? Every day Karen shares a new prayer to help us all through these uncertain times.

Cancer and Coronavirus Prayers


Supply Chain:

Patients in Treatment:

Our Fears:

Our Leaders:

Lung Cancer Survivors:

Scan Anxiety:


The Future:




Pancreatic Cancer:




Oncology Social Workers:


Head and Neck Cancers:


Living Alone:


Young Adults with Cancer:


Newly Diagnosed:


Breast Cancer:


Cancer Researchers:


Disappointing Friends:


Postponed Cancer Screenings:


Praises for Friends:


Ovarian Cancer:


Wisdom for National Recovery:


Radiation Treatment:


Prostate Cancer:


Grandparents with Cancer:


Finding a Cure


Senior Living Facilities:


Grocery Stores:

To tune into these prayers live visit our Facebook page.

For more free resources visit the Cancer Companions blog page to find everything from devotionals to uplifting songs to comforting quotes and more.

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2 Responses to Cancer and Coronavirus

  1. Bill Brander says:

    Hi Karren, I have a wee problem can you please help me solve it?
    Almost every day I receive a coronavirus-cancer prayer from you via “messenger”.
    I really appreciate those prayers and I told our CC coordinator Ian Coltman that I would like to post them onto our church facebook page. He agreed so I am trying to do that. So I created a FB group on our page called, “Cancer Companions”. However, not every prayer that you send me via ‘messenger’ appears on the CC facebook page. And I do not see a “share” button in ‘messenger’ so that I may do that. Can you help me? Personally I believe that during this lockdown your prayers are invaluable which is why I want to share them. Stay blessed, Bill.

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