Cancer Hero: Lymphoma Survivor Bob Lutz and His Wonderful Praying Church!

Bob LutzAll cancer patients, survivors, and their families need hope.  I believe there are things a proactive patient can do, even in the tougher cases. Allow me to share what happened to me, personally.

In June of 2013 a biopsy of a large mass in my stomach confirmed the existence of a lymphoma. Doctors immediately began chemotherapy which diminished the cancerous mass. 
With chemo I could feel the painful growth get smaller and smaller by personally pushing on my stomach.  However, after repeated Pet­Scans in October and November of 2013, my doctors saw no additional improvement. They determined that I was resistant to a number of types of chemotherapy and said that both surgery and radiation treatments were too dangerous because my cancer was wrapped around my aorta and spine. At this point doctors hoped to extract stem cells for Stem Cell Replacement Therapy, but by this time I could not produce enough stem cells. All traditional medical
treatment was terminated in November of 2013.

I knew that many successful cancer survivors felt cancer was not something they could beat on their own, and that many turned to God for help. Like so many others, I found hope in the encouragement and prayers of the people from my church, Grace Presbyterian Church of St Charles County, MO. After doctors terminated additional treatments in November, the Elders at my church prayed for me near the end of December of 2013 as the Bible suggests in James 4:14­,15.  “Is any one of you (true believers) sick? He should call the elders of his church to pray over him in the name of the Lord. The prayer offered in faith will make the sick person well.” Of course, some people may question whether prayer works, but in early January of 2014, just a few weeks after church Elders prayed for my healing, I could feel no mass of cancer cells in my stomach. In later January of 2014 a Pet­Scan showed no clear sign of cancer. Doctors were amazed! A Pet­Scan in July of 2014 confirmed this.

To be clear, healing is a gift of God’s grace and not assured to everyone, but hope is available to all who read the Bible, pray, and refocus their most frequent thoughts away their own suffering and onto Christ, who healed many who trusted in him.

About Karen Tripp

Beyond being a Christian Counselor and the President of Cancer Companions, Karen loves to read (she's a great reader) and loves to sing (she's a bad singer) in her home near St Louis, MO. Cancer has personally touched Karen's personal life through her dad - a 23 year colon cancer survivor. Impacting lives for Christ through her speaking, writing and counseling fills Karen with a passion which infuses every task she approaches. (except matching socks. Karen hates matching socks.)
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  1. Arlene says:

    God bless you. What a wonderful story. May you continue to survive and florish. I am also a lymphoma patient of seven years.

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