Foundational Truth:

  • Quality cancer care requires more than excellent medical care.
  • Like all cancer patients, medically underserved cancer patients need emotional support as well as ways to meet their basic needs.

Can a weekly phone call make a difference in these cancer patient’s lives?   YES!

A weekly call from a Cancer Partner volunteer can make a WORLD of difference.

In these weekly calls a Cancer Partner brings a cancer patient these things:

  • A connection with someone who “Gets it”.
  • Understanding of how to deal with medical systems. AND
  • Suggestions of where to find the resources they need.

In addition, Cancer Partners also provide prayer and cancer devotionals to those cancer patients who request them.

What does it take to be a Cancer Partner volunteer? Simple

  • Complete 2 one-hour online trainings to learn the basic components of serving as a Cancer Partner.
  • A monthly online volunteer team meeting to brainstorm the best way to serve your cancer patient. AND
  • The time to call the cancer patient you’ve been paired with once a week.

Can a weekly phone call make a difference?  YES!

Become a Cancer Partner volunteer and make a difference in a cancer patient’s life.

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