The goal of this online video training program is to allow churches to provide a high quality Cancer Companion Facilitator Training when they want and where they want without needing to fit to the inconveniences of live trainings.

The new training program will have 6 video sessions designed to be used by the church to lead a 6 week training.

The Pilot Program Kit will come complete with:

  • All of the online training is written and led by President and Founder of Cancer Companions Karen Tripp MS LMFT.
  • Trainers manual/video (how to use the training program to lead the 6 sessions.)
  • Access to training videos on   (The video lasts 40-50 minutes.  With exercises and discussion groups each of the six meetings will last 1.5 hours each.)
  • A sample Facilitator Training System.  (Each person who registers for the training will receive their own Facilitator Training System)

Each Facilitator Training System will contain:

  1.  Facilitator training manual for use with the 6 training videos.
  2.  Facilitators version of Seeing God in Your Cancer Journey.
  3.  New additional training materials for training exercises.
  4. Personal log in information for Cancer Companions Volunteer Toolbox. (Contains videos, forms, Cancer Resource Guides, store, logos, marketing materials, etc.)

The Pilot Program Kit and all registered Facilitator Training System will be shipped on August 1st, 2018.

To participate, a church will need to:

  • be a registered Cancer Companion church. (At some point bought a Cancer Companions Starter Kit.)
  • have registered a minimum of 3 trainees by August 1st. (REGISTER BELOW)
  • have paid $110 per person for new facilitators and $25 for repeat trainings.

We believe that the Thrivent Action Team program will support this program as it has supported our live training program.

If you have a Thrivent Action Team Visa card, contact Karen at 314-814-0044 to process your payment.

If you are interested OR would like to register fill out the form below:

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