Can you let people see Christ in you even when you’re struggling with cancer? See Karen’s thoughts about Colton Dixon’s song “Let Them See You”:

I am profoundly impressed with the Christians I meet who are struggling with cancer yet still feel the burden to have their walk reflect their faith.  What is that?  How in the middle of a frightening time of your life can you be concerned about whether you are a reflection of Christ? Well, I would say it must be the Spirit of Christ within you wanting to shine. Cancer survivors never cease to impress me. Colton Dixon uses his heart filled voice to so beautifully share that desire in the song “Let The See You”.


Take away the melodies

Take away the songs I sing

Take away all the light

And all the songs you let me write

As the man I am today

Say the words you need to say



Let them see You in me

Let them hear You when I speak

Let them feel You when I sing

Let them see You, let them see You in me



Who am I without Your grace

Another smile, another face

Another breath, a grain of sand

Passing quickly through Your hand

I’d give my life, an offering

Take it all, take everything



With every breath I breathe

Sing a simple melody

But I pray they hear more than a song

In me, in me

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