Welcome to the Celebrating Christmas in Your Cancer Journey toolbox. Here you will find tools to help you throughout this event of preparation.

Celebrating Christmas in Your Cancer Journey Marketing Materials:

Print or Purchase

You can download the tools from the website and print them yourself OR you can order them from Cancer Companions printer, Marc McDougan, at the Sow the Seeds Ministry for excellent quality at a low cost. Simply reach out to him at Marc@sowtheseedministries.com and be sure you include the item numbers of the tools that you are in need of. Item numbers are listed below.

You may only purchase marketing materials if you have purchased the Celebrating Christmas in Your Cancer Journey program kit. Click Here

Celebrating Christmas Logos

Image Celebrate Christmas Facilitator White cover

Image Celebrate Christmas Participant Green cover

Image Celebrate Christmas Devotional Red cover

Celebrating Christmas Promotional Poster – Item #235

Celebrating Christmas Postcard – Item #233

Celebrating Christmas Notecard – Item #234

Group Zoom Instructions

Christmas Store Page

Celebrating Christmas Powerpoint Slide

Facilitator Evaluation Form

Participant Evaluation Form

Participant Roster

Celebrating Christmas in your Cancer Journey Video

Sample of Celebrating Christmas Video