Celebrating Christmas in Your Cancer Journey: An Event of Preparation

God knew cancer would collide with your Christmas this year.

He also knew that this Christmas, you would need less pressure and more joy but…

How can you celebrate Christmas in the midst of the pressures of cancer?
Let Mary and Joseph show you how they pushed through struggles during that first Christmas to find the true reason to celebrate…the precious Christ Child.

Explore ways to blend:

  • Your Limitations with Christmas Traditions
  • Your Fatigue with Family
  • Your Immune System with Friends
  • Your Medical Appointments with Gatherings
  • Your Test Results with Hope

All are welcome including anyone in cancer treatment, post treatment, cancer caregivers, and their loved ones.

Join us for the Celebrating Christmas in Your Cancer Journey program and let this be a time of renewal as you see both your cancer and your Savior through the eyes of God this Christmas.

About the event:
Here’s what happens at a Celebrating Christmas in Your Cancer Journey Program


  1. View video with teaching and testimonials.

2. Discover relevant scriptures from the Christmas story.

3. Share thoughts about Mary and Joseph’s struggles. (No pressure. Share if you would like.)

4. Hear ideas of others as they too explore coping with cancer this Christmas.

For a sample of Celebrating Christmas in Your Cancer Journey watch the video below!

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Our presenter:
Karen Tripp, MS LMFT
President/Founder Cancer Companions

As author of Christian books including God is Bigger Than Your Cancer and a daughter of a colon cancer survivor, Karen brings her training as a Marriage and Family Therapist to her work with cancer families. Whether in her counseling, speaking or administration of the nonprofit Cancer Companions, Karen gives wisdom and meaning to coping with the chaos we call cancer.

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