30 Days of Cancer Prayer Toolbox


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Interested in having your church participate in the 30 Days of Cancer Prayer challenge but need some help with the promotional materials needed? We’ve got you covered!

We have created all of the marketing materials you need to get the word out to your church members about this event.

Two Ways to Access These 30 Days Promotional Materials:

1.. You can download the tools by clicking the links below and then print them yourself.

2.  You can order them from Cancer Companions printer, Marc McDougan at the Sow The Seed Ministries for excellent quality at a low cost. Simply reach out to him at marc@sowtheseedministries.com and be sure you include the item numbers of the tools that you are in need of.

Item numbers are listed next to each item for you.

30 Days of Cancer Prayer Promotional Materials Include:

If there are any additional promotional materials that you require for your church please email our Communications Coordinator, Cecilia Tripp, at cecilia@cancer-companions.org!

Free Church Info Packet

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