Cancer Companions Community Outreach Web Seminar


  • Staff from the cancer centers in your community sharing with cancer families that they can find support from your Cancer Companions ministry. 
  • Members from your church suggesting to a coworker or neighbor who is struggling with cancer that they call your Cancer Companions ministry. 

This is what outreach is all about: not just sharing information but actually building trusting relationships so people are sharing the good news about your ministry with others.


Karen-Tripp-017Presented By Karen Tripp MS LMFT, Christian Counselor and President of Cancer Companions. 

Having assisted churches to begin Cancer Companions Ministries in multiple regions across the country, Karen now shares the key elements for successful outreach she has seen used by these thriving cancer ministries.

Community Outreach Web Seminar is no obligation, everyone is welcome to attend.

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At the Cancer Companions Outreach Web Seminar you will find the answers to these questions and more.

  1. How do I explain what Cancer Companions is to others?  Through exercises and interaction, you learn the specific points to cover and how to discuss them.
  2. How do people hear about our Cancer Companions ministry?  There are people in your church and community which regularly interact with people coping with cancer.  From your regional resource guide as well as brainstorming you will identify a useful list of referral sources in your area.
  3. How do I build a connection with these resources?  A step by step plan will be given to help any size Cancer Companions team make a tremendous impact on the cancer community in their area.
  4. What materials does Cancer Companions provide to assist me with outreach?  We will take you through a tour of Companions Connection, the log in section of the website, as well as materials in the starter kit to show you the numerous flyers, posters, business cards, etc. to assist you to get the word out about your new Cancer Companions ministry.

For an overview of the Cancer Companions Training program CLICK HERE.