What is Companions Connection?

Companions Connection is an amazing place for you to access information, encouragement, and direction as you build a thriving Cancer Companions ministry in your church and community.

Upon ordering your Cancer Companions Starter kit you will be given a Companions Connection password and login. That’s when the fun really begins!

From Companions Connection you will be able to:

  • Chat and connect with other Cancer Companions.
  • Listen and/or download the latest Cancer Companions Monthly Web Seminar topics.
  • Print personally customized brochures, flyers and business cards.
  • View and download Cancer Companions promotional videos.
  • Use the Cancer Companions logo to create your own designs.
  • Input registration and evaluation information directly into the Cancer Companions data base.
  • Request trimester report of your church’s Cancer Companions registration info and evaluation feedback.
  • Purchase additional Cancer Companions materials at our online store.
  • Print paper copies of all forms.
  • Register for all trainings and events.
  • Schedule Strategy Sessions with Cancer Companions staff.
  • Post your ministry information and Cancer Companions support group dates.
  • Download your local Cancer Companions resource guide.