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“Did you know…”  Cancer and Exercise data:

  1. Did you know…the International Agency for Research on Cancer estimates that 25% of cancer cases worldwide are caused by overweight or obesity and a sedentary lifestyle? Campbell KL1, McTiernan A.  https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/17182820
  2. Did you know… physical activity can lower the risk of colon cancer? K Y Wolin, Y Yan, G A Colditz and I-M Lee http://www.nature.com/bjc/journal/v100/n4/abs/6604917a.html
  3. Did you know… that what experts suspected has now been proven. As a cancer survivor, exercising could help you live a longer life — free from cancer. By Matthew Hoffman, MD http://www.webmd.com/cancer/features/exercise-cancer-patients
  4. Did you know… “Exercise helps reduce your chances for cancer by helping you lose fat and maintain a healthy weight,” says Allica Austin, an exercise physiologist in MD Anderson’s Cancer Prevention Center. https://www.mdanderson.org/patient-and-cancer-information/cancer-information/cancer-topics/prevention-and-screening/exercise/exerciseandcancer.html
  5. Did you know… studies show there is a 25% reduction in the risk of breast cancer among the most physically active women. http://www.cancernetwork.com/survivorship/role-physical-activity-cancer-prevention-treatment-recovery-and-survivorship
  6. Did you know… studies show the more you exercise the lower your risk of Kidney cancer. http://www.cancernetwork.com/survivorship/role-physical-activity-cancer-prevention-treatment-recovery-and-survivorship
  7. Did you know… numerous studies have shown that exercise plays a role in decreasing the risk of many cancers, including lung, endometrial, colon, and possibly prostate cancer. http://www.cancernetwork.com/survivorship/role-physical-activity-cancer-prevention-treatment-recovery-and-survivorship
  8. Did you know… for people coping with cancer, exercise plays a role in decreasing treatment side effects, speeding recovery after a cancer diagnosis, and enhancing survival? By Dawn Lemanne, MD, MPH  http://www.cancernetwork.com/survivorship/role-physical-activity-cancer-prevention-treatment-recovery-and-survivorship

For More Information on #takeahikefromcancer : http://www.cancer-companions.org/take-a-hike/

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