National Conference Call – Learn about Cancer Companions

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Churches and lay people alike are asking…
“How can we help cancer families?”

Christian counselor and author Karen Tripp has created a program called Cancer Companions to train, equip and support lay people to lift up cancer families through Christian Cancer Support groups and one to one peer support.   Learn more about getting started by attending the Conference call on Wednesday, May 11th at 5:30PM – CST

Introductory Conference Call will answer the questions:

  1. What do cancer families need that peer counselors can provide?

  2. Who in a cancer family needs help?

  3. How can Cancer Companion Volunteers help meet these needs?

  4. What materials are available to assist the Cancer Companion Volunteer?

  5. What training is available for Cancer Companions Volunteers and Ministry Leaders?

For additional information please contact Karen Tripp @ 314-814-0044 or email her at [email protected]


Please RSVP by filling out the below form.

A look at Cancer Companions 5:30 pm CST – 5-11-16

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