Excerpt Reading #13 Is It OK to Pray for Something just Because I Want It?

Delight yourself in the LORD and he will give you the desires of your heart.  Psalm 37:4
What do you need to do to be given the desires of your heart?

What does delight in the Lord mean to you?

When the things that delight the Lord also delight you, then you’ll receive the desires of your heart. Why? Because you will only desire the things God desires. Isn’t that cool? When God’s desire is also your desire, His joy is your joy, and His purpose your purpose, and you will find that you have all that you ever need. Ask God to make your desires God-pleasing and keep asking. It’s what He wants for you.
Every person on a cancer journey has different heart desires. You may not be particularly interested in healing. Perhaps your concerns are more with pain and quality of life. Or maybe the desires of your heart concern how your loved ones are coping. Many cancer families desire to have God take care of the practical issues like housing, finances, and employment. Complete the exercise below but during the week, if you think of new desires of your heart, come back and add them to your list.

Rate these in order of the desires of your heart. Put a 3 for strong desire, a 2 for moderate desire and a 1 for little to no desire. Add any desires of your heart that are not included, and make your request specific.

The desire of my heart is to…
___ Receive complete healing for me or my loved one.
___ Live a cancer-free life.
___ Remove pain and side effects for me or my loved one.
___ Find a solution for financial problems.
___ See my loved ones cared for.
___ Remove my fears.
___ Receive guidance and wisdom for my decisions.
___ Give my doctors Godly discernment.
___ Provide for my family.
___ Continue to work.
___ Be reconciled with ___________________.___ Be reconciled with ___________________.
___ _________________________________________________
___ __________________________________________________

• Take a few moments to lift all of your strongest desires up to the Lord in prayer. Don’t hold back. No matter what has come between you and God, He is sitting on His throne right now waiting for you to ask for more than you need. He wants you to pray for all your desires that will delight His heart.

Let me share with you the desires of my heart….

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