Frequently Asked Questions
Cancer Prayer Partners

What do Cancer Prayer Partners do?

They ask “Is it OK if I contact you next week to see if there’s anything new, I can pray for you?”

They also discuss how the cancer patient, survivor or caregiver is doing and if they’re interested, discuss a cancer devotional with them too.

What is the Cancer Prayer Partner’s weekly contact look like?

They may contact their prayer recipient by email, phone, text, mail or other means that is comfortable for everyone involved.

Who are Cancer Companions?

Volunteers who provide compassion for those coping with cancer through prayer, scripture and companionship.

Who do they serve?

Cancer Prayer partners serve people they know that are in treatment, post treatment, caregivers and their loved ones.  If they would like, they can receive a referral for someone in need of a Cancer Prayer Partner from their church or the Cancer Companions National office.

How can I train as a Cancer Prayer Partner?

Cancer Prayer Partners are trained at no cost through the Compassionate Care through the Cancer Journey Course at LHM Learn.  CLICK HERE to learn more.

In addition to Cancer Prayer Partners, are there ways for my church to become involved?

Yes, Cancer Companions provides training and materials for churches to have a thriving volunteer led cancer ministry. Bible studies, support groups and community outreach are all vital parts of the program. CLICK HERE for more information.

Yes, I would like more information about becoming a Cancer Prayer Partner. Click here.

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