Getting the Word out about your Cancer Companions Ministry

TOPIC: Getting the Word out about your Cancer Companions Ministry:  Using Prayers, Notes, Emails, Texts, etc.

SPEAKER: Karen the Tripp


Three types of groups to focus on getting the word out:

  1. People coping with cancer.
  2. People who interact with people coping cancer.
  3. People who know you.

Why are we trying to get the word out? 

So we can draw people closer to Christ during their cancer journey.


  1. People coping with cancer.
  • In cancer treatment-
  1. People are healthier on the day they are diagnosed than they will be for the next 12 months of their life- even if the treatment only takes 6 months.
  2. They say they are “fine” because cancer is not going to get in the way of their life. Not a bad attitude for cancer patients.
  • Post cancer treatment
  1. Many people find the emotional and spiritual burdens can come after the last treatment.
  2. More isolation post treatment because people think your cancer journey ends on the last day of treatment.
  • Caregivers and loved ones
  1. Difficult, exhausting, scary whether in the home or across the country.

THREE LEVELS of connection:


#1 Introductory Level-

  • left phone message
  • spoke on phone
  • sent card or email with verse
  • sent card or email with a prayer
  • text “Still praying” “Thinking of you.” Etc.
  • Facebook message
  • Sent flyer or link about your group date/time.
  • “Can I call you next week to hear about new things to pray for?”




#2 Cancer Companions Materials Level-

  • Card or with God is Bigger Devotional (to discuss by phone later)
  • Email/text with link to a Devotional or reading #1 (to discuss by phone later)
  • Email/text link to Innermost thoughts video #1 (to discuss by phone later)
  • Email/text link to Cancer Informational Videos
  • Courage Through Christ pamphlets
  • Forward Seeing God In Your Cancer Journey E-newsletter



#3  Face to face Level-

  • Pick up and drive to group
  • Meeting one to one
  • Meeting in a group
  • Visit at hospital
  • Visit at chemo treatment



TOOLS for connecting to People Coping with Cancer:

Seeing God in Your Cancer Journey BLOG


Two addresses:   OR

  • Cancer Heroes
  • Cancer Prayers
  • Comforting Quotes
  • God is Bigger Than… Devotionals
  • Uplifting Songs
  • Cancer Informational Videos
  • Cancer Survivorship
  • Cancer and Exercise

Cancer Companions STORE

  • Cancer Companions Tri-Fold – Qty – 100 $20.00     Shipping $6.50
  • Cancer Companions Balloons – Qty – 3 $10.00     Shipping $6.50
  • Cancer Companions Note Cards – Qty – 20 $10.00     Shipping $6.50
  • Cancer Companions Verse Cards – Qty – 20 $10.00     Shipping $6.50
  • Cancer: Courage Through Christ Pamphlets $.50     Shipping $varies (Lutheran hour)
  • Seeing God Blog referral cards ??? Coming soon to store

Cancer Companions VIDEOS:

YouTube Channel:


Innermost Thoughts-

Innermost Thoughts #1:

Innermost thoughts #2:


Cancer Informational Videos (on blog)-

Cancer and the Church

Nutrition Myths and Fact in Cancer

Coping with Recurrence

Parents and Cancer


People who interact with people coping cancer.


Doctors (all)

Nurses (all)

Oncology Office Managers

Social workers(lead hosp groups)

Nurse Navigators

School Principals

School nurses


Pastors/church staff (your church)

Pastors/church staff (other churches)

Human Resource staff (any company)

EAP Employee Asst Program



  • Which tools listed above would be helpful for them?
  • How would you share the tools with them?
  • What if you Adopted a Cancer Center? A Christian School Staff?
  • What if you consistently gave Teachers, Nurses, medical folks in your pews to hand out flyers/info cards from your CC ministry?


  1. People who know you.
  • Do the people in your circle of friends know you are a Cancer Companion?
  • Do they know what a cancer companion is?
  • Do they share stories with you stories of their friends that are coping with cancer?
  • Which tools listed above would be helpful for them?
  • How would you share the tools with them?

Cancer Companions Facebook Page:

Just like it and check it out when you are on Facebook.  If you find something you like, share it on your own page.


Take a Hike From Cancer June 4th-10th!!

Opportunity to impact on ALL 3 levels

AND all 3 groups!

Take a Hike From Cancer

Sunday, June 4- Saturday 10, 2017


Did you know…

Consistent brisk walking can lower your risk of cancer?


Goals for Take a Hike From Cancer

  1. To inspire others to lower their risk of cancer by consistent brisk walking.
  2. To help others discover Cancer Companion Christian cancer support around the country.
  3. To provide opportunity for people to donate to Cancer Companions if they wish.


TWO suggestions of how your church can

impact others with the walk:

  1. Church wide walk score board
  • For weeks leading up to Sunday, June 4th, invite your church members to set a walk goal for during the Take a Hike From Cancer week on a scoreboard at church. (Sample scoreboard and signage attached and in website tool box)
  • During the week and on Sunday, June 11th, participating members are encouraged to come by the scoreboard and place a star on the board for each time they walked. (See White Plains UMC 2016 Walk Recap attached and in website tool box.)
  • Sunday, June 18th place total hours walked on scoreboard and announce in church the total number of hours walked by your church to lower their risk of cancer.
  • Nationally we will be giving away a Yeti Cooler to the team that has the most members. Could your church use a Yeti cooler?  That’d be pretty cool! (cool… cooler, get it?)  Just sign up the names and emails of folks from your scoreboard on your team list at


  1. A Walk Get Together
  • Pick a day and time during the week of June 4-10 to invite church members/family/friends to walk together.
  • Pick a location to walk: Could be church parking lot, mall, park, etc.
  • If you want to be creative- pick a type of walk to encourage specific group: pet walk/ stroller walk/ prayer walk/praise walk/ kids walk/ Sunday school walk/walk to lunch/walk to coffee/ walk to dinner/ garage sale walk/ flea market walk/ Perhaps encourage specific small groups/Bible studies/MOPS to host a Walk Get Together.
  • Sound like fun? Schedule more than one! (See Messiah Lutheran’s 2016 Walk Recap who had 3 Walk Get Togethers – attached and in website toolbox)
  • Let Marcy ([email protected] know about your walks to put on the Get Together and Walk website events page so others in your  community can join the fun and learn about Cancer Companions. You could event share information/flyers with local cancer resources, service organizations, fitness clubs, etc.

 “This was a great icebreaker for the congregation. (the Walk Get Together) Because we were focusing on wellness and not cancer we had MANY more people interested in the program and participate in the program – even some cancer survivors who have not shown an interested in doing the 9 weeks with us. It was a different way for them to heal!”  Donna Kunde Grace Lutheran Chester, VA

(See more at Grace Lutheran 2016 Walk Recap attached and in website toolbox)

Imagine your church being known as the place that reaches out to your cancer community.


Questions?  Ask Karen Tripp!  34-814-0044 or [email protected]

About Karen Tripp

Beyond being a Christian Counselor and the President of Cancer Companions, Karen loves to read (she's a great reader) and loves to sing (she's a bad singer) in her home near St Louis, MO. Cancer has personally touched Karen's personal life through her dad - a 23 year colon cancer survivor. Impacting lives for Christ through her speaking, writing and counseling fills Karen with a passion which infuses every task she approaches. (except matching socks. Karen hates matching socks.)
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