God is Bigger Than… Chasing Cars

Have I ever told you about Poochie?  Poochie was my dog growing up.  He was a total mutt that preferred lounging in the shade of the porch rather than doing any kind of activity except eating.  Other than food, the only thing that would get Poochie off the porch was the sound of a car with a broken muffler.  Then that dog would shoot off like a bullet chasing that car down the street barking up a storm.  But once by the street, Poochie would hear another car and tear off after that one in the opposite direction.  That dog would chase cars all afternoon leaving him exhausted and standing in the exact same place he started.

It frightens me how much I’m like Poochie.  I’m afraid I have the tendency to live my life like a dog chasing cars. I’m going through my day or my week right on track when suddenly something catches my eye and I am off in a totally new direction.  Sometimes I chase after new things to do that look a whole lot more fun than whatever I should be doing.  But more often, instead of chasing a new activity, I chase after negative thoughts.  Guilt is always a good one for this.  My mind can fall into a pit of guilt so completely I have no idea what I was doing before.  Another thought I often chase is worry.  “What if this happens?”  “What will I do?”  “What will they do?”  Other negative thoughts I chase are envy, resentment, anger or an all-time favorite… self-pity.  I can become so saturate in these thoughts that my moods, my words and even my actions begin to reflect the negative thoughts raging in my head.  Like Poochie, I find myself exhausted and standing in exactly the same place or perhaps a worse place.

So what are you to do?  What are you to do to stay on track and not be seduced by the loud cars rolling by in your brain?  Hebrews 12:2 says we are to fix our eyes on Jesus.  If you’re like me, you might think that sounds extremely simplistic.  But when you look at the Greek meaning of the term “fix your eyes” you find out the directions are quite explicit.  It means to “turn the eyes away from other things and fix them on something.”  If this is your mind we are speaking of, you need a HUGE load of Jesus things to think of instead of the negativity rolling around your head.  What does a load of Jesus things look like?  It could be noticing the beauty of the world around you, remembering a blessing Jesus dropped in your life, noticing the way He’s used you in other people’s lives or thinking of a scripture you run through your head over and over again.  The key is to not stop.  Keep thinking about Jesus until the negativity is chased from your brain.  You know the cars will not stop rolling by taunting you to give chase but look the other way and yes, friend- fix your eyes on Jesus.

About Karen Tripp

Beyond being a Christian Counselor and the President of Cancer Companions, Karen loves to read (she's a great reader) and loves to sing (she's a bad singer) in her home near St Louis, MO. Cancer has personally touched Karen's personal life through her dad - a 23 year colon cancer survivor. Impacting lives for Christ through her speaking, writing and counseling fills Karen with a passion which infuses every task she approaches. (except matching socks. Karen hates matching socks.)
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