Bring Christmas into your home- God is Bigger Than Inflatable Christmas Decorations

I don’t’ mean to boast, but my neighborhood is the pinnacle of inflatable Christmas decorations.  This is due not only because of the massive quantity of inflatables but also the variety.  We have not only an 8 foot snow globe with swirling snow particles, and a nearly life size convertible car driven by Santa and a reindeer but we have 3 – that’s right- three Yoda Santas.  Pretty impressive stuff.

At night, I drive through the neighborhood joy-filled to see the radiant glow of inflatables testifying that indeed, Christmas is here.  If the intent of Christmas decorations is to let the world know, Christmas is in the house, then my neighborhood is blasting on all airwaves.

But then the sun comes out and the wonder-filled parade of inflatables is transformed into giant puddles of plastic, rubbery globs spread out across front lawns as far as the eyes can see.  So what’s the message now?  Is Christmas in the house or not?

Now the first Christmas decoration was not an inflatable but a star.  God made this amazing star to show the wise men where to find the Christ Child.  What happened when they arrived? “On coming to the house, they saw the child with his mother Mary, and they bowed down and worshiped him.” Matthew 2:11  No doubt about it.  Christmas was in the house.

What about your house?

If the wise men showed up at your house today, would they know that Christmas was in the house?  Perhaps the outside has lovely decorations radiating the joy of Christmas but where do you see the Christ Child within your home?  I’m not talking nativity sets and manger scenes.  I’m talking the true wonder of the Christ Child breathing through your home.

The wonder of the Christ Child is more than the gift of salvation. His wondrous gifts are often a surprise because most folks think they are possible.  Bitterness, loneliness, regret, jealousy are just a few of the distractions that prevent believers in Christ from seeing the gifts He brings each and every Christmas.

Look for Christ in your home- He’s is saying “Here I am!  Come see the gifts I have brought you!”

  • Be restored through the words “I’m sorry.”
  • Be reformed through the words “I’m done.”
  • Be renewed through the words “Help me.”
  • Be reunified through the words “Welcome home.”

Powerful words but how does Christ speak these words?  Through you.

The problem is that we are more like inflatables than we want to admit.  I know I am.  At times I feel the glow of the Christmas Spirit and hunger for the Lord to use my words to give Christ-filled gifts to others.  Yet too often I am sitting like a blob unaware of the wonder of the Lord around me and the needs of those I love.  Or perhaps worse, aware of their needs and too frightened to speak.

Imagine a home, a workplace, a life that radiates the gifts of the Christ Child through the gift of our words.  Bring Christmas into your home. Let the first gift be you- giving your words to Christ.

About Karen Tripp

Beyond being a Christian Counselor and the President of Cancer Companions, Karen loves to read (she's a great reader) and loves to sing (she's a bad singer) in her home near St Louis, MO. Cancer has personally touched Karen's personal life through her dad - a 23 year colon cancer survivor. Impacting lives for Christ through her speaking, writing and counseling fills Karen with a passion which infuses every task she approaches. (except matching socks. Karen hates matching socks.)
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