God is BIGGER than Office Christmas Parties

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There are so many things about the Christmas season that I look forward to with great expectation: the music, the food, the gift giving, the lights, the decorations.  You name it, I love it!  But there is one seasonal tradition I dread with great trepidation: my husband’s office party.

 Now let me make this clear, it’s not the place or the people. Over the 25 years of our marriage, my husband has worked at many companies, for many bosses and with many people.  The problem is that my husband’s office Christmas party presents great potential for me to say something incredibly stupid in front of my husband’s boss.  You see I have been inflicted with the foot-in-mouth disease numerous times over the years.  I just wish someone else could be in charge of my mouth!  Do you know what I mean?

 In the Christmas story there is a woman that received some help with her mouth.  Her name was Elizabeth and she was Mary’s cousin.  One day, when Mary was already pregnant with the Christ Child, she went to visit her cousin Elizabeth.  When Mary said “Hi’ to her cousin,  Elizabeth began to speak with a loud and great voice.  Only Elizabeth didn’t get into trouble for her loud mouth, just the opposite. She used her great voice to proclaim the arrival of Jesus. She said to Mary “Blessed are you among women and blessed is the Child you carry.”  Isn’t that great!?  How come at such a monumental moment, Elizabeth didn’t have the foot-in-mouth disease?  How did she have a moment of great truth instead of a moment of great embarrassment?  Simple.  Elizabeth was filled with the Holy Spirit.  Elizabeth knew the truth that Mary was carrying the Messiah because the Holy Spirit told her. 

 Now here is the best part of this story: The Holy Spirit is speaking truths to believers everyday.  Do you know when you say “That was such a God thing.” Or “I couldn’t have done that without God.” Or even just telling God “Thanks,”- that’s the Holy Spirit speaking through you.  And in case you are thinking-“not me.  The Holy Spirit lives in those other Christians, but not me.”- think again. Scripture says the Holy Spirit lives in all believers.

 So this Christmas think about the true Spirit of Christmas living inside of you just aching for you to share the love and joy of the Christ Child with those around you.  The Holy Spirit is trying to speak through you all the time, not just in your Bible study group or at Church but in the grocery store line or having lunch with a friend or even at my husband’s Office Party.  Yes it’s true.  So I am taking the Holy Spirit with me to the Office Party and through the power of the Holy Spirit, I know God is BIGGER than my husband’s office party.

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