“If you’re wondering if Cancer Companions is for you and your church you should most definitely attend. I think all churches could benefit from having this training.”
– Betty Cornerstone Christian Church, Shiloh, IL

Churches and lay people alike are asking…
“How can we help cancer families?”

Christian counselor and author Karen Tripp has created a program called Cancer Companions to train, equip and support lay people to lift up cancer families through Christian Cancer Support groups and one to one peer support.   Learn more about getting started by attending…

Introductory 15 Minute Web Seminar

Introductory Web Seminar will answer the questions:

  1. What do cancer families need that trained volunteer facilitators can provide?
  2. Who in a cancer family needs help?
  3. How can Cancer Companion Volunteers help meet these needs?
  4. What materials are available to assist the Cancer Companion Volunteer?
  5. What training is available for Cancer Companions Volunteers and Ministry Leaders?

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” Introductory Web Seminar is useful to inform both church staff and potential volunteers because:
it gives an overall picture of how they can help
identifies that there is on-going training to assist them— they won’t be on their own.
helps reinforce that this is a well organized ministry with resources so they don’t have to “invent the wheel” but the ministry allows them the flexibility to modify and make it their own.”
– Judy Cancer Companions Ministry Leader, Maryville, IL