It’s Here! God is Bigger Than Your Cancer Workbook! God’s Been Busy!

I have to tell you the story of how this book came into existence.  I was not planning to write this book and by the time I realized I was writing a book, the rough draft was halfway done.

It began when a local church asked me to lead a six week cancer support program with a focus on cancer topics.  After picking the six topics-faith, healing, prayer, stress reduction, relationships and healthy living- I went to work writing scripture based outlines and handouts to use in the group.  Around week three, I received an email from a cancer group leader in Ohio asking if I knew of a Bible study for cancer patients.  I regretfully told her “No.”  Then less than a week later, another email comes form a leader in Michigan, asking the same question!  As I sat there and thought about it, I realized that the handouts for my cancer support group was a Bible study for cancer patients, survivors and their love ones.  A week later, I received another request from New York. 
God had His megaphone in my ear “Karen!! Take the group handouts and write a book!”   Each of these leaders were strangers which God used to rattle my brain to see the need for Christian study materials for people touched by cancer.  Through these emails, I also discovers that churches needed a tool to equip leaders to run their own cancer support group.  One of  my favorite parts of the book is the leaders guide which addresses specific issues which appear in cancer support groups. 
God is Bigger Than Your Cancer Workbook is available online at and will be appearing in your favorite bookstore!  Check out the new pages to the website-new excerpts, and endorsements about the new book.  Thank you for all the prayers you have shared for this project.  May each book be used by God.

About Karen Tripp

Beyond being a Christian Counselor and the President of Cancer Companions, Karen loves to read (she's a great reader) and loves to sing (she's a bad singer) in her home near St Louis, MO. Cancer has personally touched Karen's personal life through her dad - a 23 year colon cancer survivor. Impacting lives for Christ through her speaking, writing and counseling fills Karen with a passion which infuses every task she approaches. (except matching socks. Karen hates matching socks.)
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