” I believe the more we understand by listening to Karen’s expertise and asking questions about the lessons in the guide, the more second nature they become. Monthly Peer Counselor web seminars is an excellent opportunity to do just that. We can then focus on the person/people we are with. The ongoing training enables me to ‘hear’ where that cancer family is and with what they are struggling so that I can help them, using the lesson in the guide as well as what God is nudging my heart to say.”
– Cathy Pastoral Care Minister, Cornerstone Christian Church, Shilo, IL

Scheduled 2nd Monday or Tuesday evening of every Month
Free to all Trained Cancer Companions

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Each month various topics concerning cancer are discussed and presented to further educate and support Peer Counselors.
The topics include sections of the Cancer Companions Participant Guide such as

  • Prayer
  • Relationships
  • Healthy Living
  • Healing

And general topics such as

  • Cancer Survivorship
  • Hospice/Palliative Care issues
  • Forgiveness and Cancer

Ongoing training is a vital portion of the Cancer Companions Training Program and is free to all Cancer Companions Churches. See schedule of future Monthly Peer Counselor Meeting topics and view past seminars in the Companions Connection.

” The Monthly Peer Counselor web seminars are a time to hear from others doing what they are doing and it is a time to see what more you can do for the cancer families in your Cancer Companion ministry.”
– Roxanne Cancer Companions Ministry Leader, Immanuel Lutheran, St. Charles, MO