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  • Lift up people impacted by cancer.
  • Draw people closer to Christ.
  • Support and equip Cancer Companions volunteers.

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Seeing God in Your Cancer Journey: A Cancer Companions Bible Study


Impact of Seeing God in Your Cancer Journey:

Depression and Anxiety are prevalent issues for cancer patients, survivors and caregivers.  After completing the 9 sessions of Seeing God in Your Cancer Journey, participants were asked to share the program’s impact on theses issues.  From this sample, 85% stated that their depression improved or greatly improved from the sessions and 92% stated that their anxiety improved or greatly approved.

How do Cancer Companions books and videos improve your Christian cancer support group or Bible Study?

If you attend a cancer support group at your hospital, that’s great for getting the encouragement and companionship you need from others coping with cancer.  However it is uncommon for these group to focus on topics which strengthen your faith.  If you attend a Bible study at your church about the book of John or how to be a better parent that’s great for getting the scriptural guidance and fellowship you need to strengthen your faith.  However it’s uncommon for these groups to provide the focus on topics concerning your cancer journey.

What Cancer Companions materials create is a place you do BOTH: you talk about what Jesus is up to with your cancer journey as you explore what scriptures have to say about the topics important to your cancer journey.

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Seeing God in Your Cancer Journey: Cancer Companions Participant GuideCOVER SGIYCJ participant guide w shadow

This book contains 41 reading for anyone in cancer treatment, post treatment, cancer caregiver or their loved one which encourage the participant to explore what God is up to with their cancer through scripture filled messages.   Readings include discussion questions, devotionals, bible studies, bible stories and testimonials from cancer survivors covering the topics listed above. (Provided in Starter kit)
Enjoy these excerpts from Seeing God in Your Cancer Journey: Cancer Companions Participant Guide.
EXCERPT: Topic 1  God is Bigger Than Your Cancer
EXCERPT: Topic 2 Faith

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Innermost Thoughts: Interactive Videos Innermost Thoughts Video thumbnail

A set of 9 videos which portray two cancer patients and one cancer caregivers process of coping with cancer. The emotional, mental and spiritual struggles become a springboard for Cancer Companions volunteer to encourage interactions on the topics of faith, healing, questions for God, prayer, stress reduction, relationships, communication and healthy living. The videos are used in both one-to-one peer counseling meetings as well as in Cancer Companions Christian cancer support groups.  (Provided in Starter kit)

Click here to view Topic 1 video: It Begins
Click here to view Topic 2 video: Faith



Seeing God in Your Cancer Journey: Cancer Companions Participant Guide Facilitator’s VersionCOVER SGIYCJ participant guide FE with shadow

This tool provides the Cancer Companion Volunteer all the content they need to organize and execute meetings with people impacted by cancer in either a group or individual meeting format.  Book includes extensive meeting outlines, comprehensive forms and the answers to the discussion questions in the participant’s version.  (provided at Cancer Companions Training)

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