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Six Steps to Get Started Video!

(Updated 8/1/18 with 7 Steps)

Discover How to kick off your Cancer Companions Ministry 

Karen-Tripp-017Presented By Karen Tripp MS LMFT, Christian Counselor and President of Cancer Companions. 

Through years of leading Christian cancer support groups and helping people cope with cancer in the clinical setting, Karen now shares her knowledge and experience so you can establish a successful Cancer Companions Ministry.

Six Steps to Get Started Video is no obligation, everyone is welcome to watch.


Six Steps to Get Started…

  1. Design your own cancer ministry.  Do you begin your Cancer Companions ministry by focusing on a Christian cancer support group or one to one peer counseling?  Pros and cons of each are discussed as they apply to your church and community.  Also presented are scenarios of how other Cancer Companions churches successfully began so you may outline the best scenario for your ministry.
  2. Set up a prayer team.  It is easy to see the benefits of establishing a prayer team.  Specific techniques for maintaining a prayer team are discussed and an exercise completed to help you launch this important steps.
  3. Decide the roles of volunteers and leaders. Two keys to a successful ministry is teamwork and delegation.  Specifics of how to assign roles and interview volunteers are explained.
  4. Run a Volunteer Campaign.  The Lord has already called people to become Cancer Companions.  Our role is to get the word out so people with a heart for cancer ministry can serve as Cancer Companions.  In this training you will complete an exercise to determine the most effective way to reach people in your church environment so they can be trained and equipped to do the Lord’s work.
  5. Purchase church starter kit and begin attending the Monthly Continuing Education Seminar.  Now that you have identified volunteers, gather them once a month for continuing education web seminars as well as to brainstorm ways to get the word out about your new cancer ministry.  The free Community Outreach web seminar will give you the knowledge you need to accomplish this and the kit will give you access to materials you are looking for.
  6. Register to attend a Cancer Companions Training.  Cancer Companions Training not only takes an in-depth look at cancer and the role you will assume as a Cancer Companion but it will teach you concrete skills to use with our materials to draw people struggling with cancer closer to Christ.

George Pepper, Sulphur Grove Church“I absolutely recommend attending the Six Steps to Getting Started Seminar, because passion, enthusiasm, and motivation are contagious when shared with others face to face (even via the internet). Facts and information can be learned from books, but attitudes and “fire” are best passed along through personal interaction with each other.”  George Pepper Cancer Companions Ministry Leader Sulphur Grove, OH