Walking Tip: How to Know When You Need a Rest Day

breakAfter repeated physical activity every day, your body may need a break. Resting your body is essential because it can help you have greater physical gains. It can sometimes be hard to tell what your body is telling you, but if you listen to these easy tips you will be able to know when you need a break!

  • Constant soreness.  It is okay to be sore a day or two after a hard workout, however if you see yourself being sore for 3-5 days, rest! Persistent soreness can lead to injuries.
  • If you feel more moody or agitated than normal, listen to your body and take a day to relax and rejuvenate.
  • Feeling stiff while working out even when you stretch.
  • Still feeling tired after a long nights sleep.
  • Feeling constantly dehydrated, no matter how much water you drink.
  • Abnormal heart rate.

If your body is showing any of these signs that means that it is time for you to take a break. Taking breaks can help you perform better for your workouts while reducing the chances of injury. However, sitting can sometimes lead to greater soreness. Here are some great ways to rest while staying active!

  • Go on a light walk
  • Take a slow bike ride
  • Go on a low-intensity walk

Listen to all of these easy tips to stay fit while treating your body right!

Author: Ramey Hoehn



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