Walking Tip: Why Water is Important?


You have always been told to drink more water, however have you ever known why? Water has more benefits than you could think. Here is a list of the great effects of having more water!

  • Balancing fluid in your body
  • Watch your calories
  • Push through your workout
  • Aid in Kidney function
  • Productivity boost and Fatigue Booster
  • Pain Prevention

Having a balance of water in your body results in aiding to transport nutrients in your body, regulate temperature and digest food! If you are counting your calories, you know how easy it is to drink your calories away. Drink water instead.

When working out and getting tired, have a few drinks of water to give you that extra energy to push through!

However, if you are like me you know you need water buy you just cant make it taste appealing. Here are some ways to spice up your water.

  • Add just a small splash of juice
  • Add a berry and herb mix to sit in your water
  • Add some mint leaves
  • Add some fresh fruit!
  • Add Fruit Ice cubes
  • Pineapple, mango, lemon, watermelon, or lime! Don’t want to wait for your fruit to saturate your water? Put fresh fruit juice in ice cube trays and add to the water!
  • Add some splashes of vanilla or edible flower petals!

Aching joints and muscle pain can be lessened by hydrating your muscles. Follow these easy tips to increase your desire to water in order to increase your likely hood to drinking water for your body!

Author: Ramey Hoehn



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