What Cancer Companions provides that churches need:

  • An online and/or in person ministry that provides a meaningful service to your community.
  • A cost effective way to develop a lay-led ministry that significantly impacts cancer families emotionally, mentally and spiritually.
  • Much needed assistance for church staff to minister to the growing population of cancer families.

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United Methodist Church of Raleigh
Diocese of Raleigh – Page 23

” Anecdotally, cancer patients and their family members make up about half the prayer requests I’ve received in my years as a pastor. This disease afflicts millions daily inside and outside our churches. For both the churched and unchurched, I have noticed that cancer brings people to Christ like little else in our world. The question is, ‘how can we offer them Christ in the most effective way?’ The answer for us has been our Cancer Companions outreach as centered around Karen Tripp’s outstanding book, God is Bigger Than Your Cancer. It’s a must-read book, anchoring a must-do ministry to a must-reach people for our must-serve Christ. I encourage all pastors to consider it prayerfully.”
– Rev. Daniel K. Held, M.Div, M.S.W., LISW Pastor for Congregational Care, Sulphur Grove United Methodist Church, Huber Heights, Ohio

” Cancer Companions provides a ministry to those struggling with cancer and those who are caring for a loved one going through that challenge. What has proved to be a huge blessing to our participants is the solid biblical material, as well as the teaching and wisdom they receive from other people effected by cancer. Cancer Companions works to bond them into a circle of support. The series of sessions prove to be filled with prayer, laughter, tears, and transformation, so each person grows in his own faith walk as well as through the encouragement they give one another. Cancer Companions are a perfect illustration of Paul’s encouragement to “bear one another’s burdens.” Well-planned materials, thorough leadership training, excellent design of sessions all comes together in a ministry that changes lives forever.”
– Rev. Allen Schade Associate Pastor, Immanuel Lutheran Church St. Charles

” All of us have been impacted by the devastating reality of cancer.  As a church we had a burden for ministering to both cancer patients and their care givers but where unsure what the most effective way would be.  When Cancer Companions was brought to our attention it became an obvious solution and the programming has equipped us to effectively minister to a portion of our congregation and community we were not caring for.”
– Tim Lawson Minister of Pastoral Care, First Baptist Church Maryville


” We are way glad that Karen led the charge at our church in regards to starting a Cancer Companions ministry. Karen did an awesome job in helping to identify, train and support our brand new group leaders. And boy, did they need it! They (leaders) needed to provide (and did provide) care for cancer families who were in real need for spiritual, emotional and mental support, during the most difficult times in their lives. And as a pastor, it is a tremendous relief to know that now we have a spiritually encouraging ministry to direct people to who have cancer. I personally read through the material before we launched the ministry and I was blown away!  The material is so well put together and encouraging.

I can’t say enough about this class and again, we are WAY glad that we started the class and support system at Grace.”
– Mark Burgdorf Care and Support Pastor, Grace Church St. Louis