Seeing God Cancer Stories – When God Blesses You with Cancer

Lou Ann, newly diagnosed with lung cancer, saw a sign for a Cancer Companions Group. There she met Ken 5 year lung cancer survivor the Cancer Companion Facilitator. hear how God weaves blessings through Lou Ann’s treatment and uses the group to bring Lou Ann and Ken empathy, love and dear friends.

Update on LouAnn:

LouAnn Barczykowski (from our Seeing God series) came to her 1st Cancer Companions support meeting after seeing a notice on a Church’s electronic sign. She had been diagnosed stage 4 lung cancer that day. She came to our support meeting the following month wearing a customized t-shirt that read, WIN/WIN. She explained to us that she would either defeat the disease and win that way or she would get to meet God before the rest of us and win that way.

Well it looks like she is defeating the disease. Her PT scan a week ago showed zero cancer cells anywhere in her body, PRAISE THE LORD!!! LouAnn became a member of Dardenne Presbyterian in January, 2019. She serves as a positive example for all of us in the cancer support group. If your journey is proving difficult, you might want to check in with LouAnn and get a serious dose of HOPE.

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