Cancer Companions are peer counselors who “get it.” One cancer survivor said, “I have people who love me and care for me but what I need is someone that ‘gets it.’” Cancer Companions understand the difficulties of cancer treatment and they are ready to listen to you.

” I hoped that how I dealt with my cancer might help someone else. What I found out was that I received more help from others than I ever imagined.”
– Dennis Cancer Survivor

Through their training, Cancer Companions learn how to provide a safe place where you can talk about the things that concern you, worry you or infuriate you. More than a listening ear and an understanding heart, Cancer Companions bring the gifts of prayer, scriptures and devotionals to lift up families affected by cancer in their time of need.  This is done through Christian cancer support groups and one-to-one peer counseling.

Cancer Companions may have survived cancer treatment themselves or been the care giver for a loved one who faced cancer. Some cancer survivors are not directly impacted by cancer but they have a tender heart for the difficulties of cancer families. Cancer Companions care.


Cancer doesn’t get to swallow your days and your nights. It doesn’t get to put stress in your life or plague you with fear. It doesn’t get to come between you and your loved ones and it doesn’t get to come between you and your God. For many, these emotional and spiritual cancer battles can be as difficult as the physical battles. In short, cancer does not get to be more important than the most important things in your life. The most important things in your life are the things you can use to push the cancer back so you can breathe again.

” The hardest part of coping with the cancer was being afraid I wouldn’t see my children grow up – being afraid of the financial strain it would put on my family.”
– Pam Cancer Survivor

Jesus is a master at pushing back the chaos of cancer for everyone. Whether you have drawn close to Him since childhood, wandered from the comfort of His presence, or know Jesus only as an acquaintance or stranger, it doesn’t matter. Jesus sees you as His precious child and He is with you now. He is closer than your breath. Whether sitting in the chemo room or waiting for your scan results, Jesus is with you.

Jesus is all you need and more.

” Cancer Companions showed me not to settle for living with my cancer ‘pretty well’ but to live with it even better.”
– Dennis Cancer Survivor

Wherever you are in your relationship with Jesus, He wants you to come even closer. Listen to this promise from God:

Come near to God and He will come near to you. James 4:8


Cancer Companions reach out to anyone in treatment, post treatment or their loved ones.

” I wanted to talk with other care givers about how they were coping with the cancer in their loved ones lives.”
– Roxanne Cancer Caregiver

It’s too easy to see the struggles for anyone living through cancer treatment. Often the emotional struggles of cancer treatment do not rise up until after treatment is complete. Often the focus to complete treatment leaves little room to understand the changes in your life and your body. Many people seek support post treatment.

Cancer can change the life of a caregiver in a deep and profound way. Adjusting to all the changes requires support. Caregivers often find the need to seek support either with their loved one who has cancer or alone. Anyone deeply impacted by the cancer of a loved one are welcome.

” Although I’ve been cancer free for years, I went to Cancer Companions because I needed help dealing with my cancer.”
– Linda Cancer Survivor

At this time, Cancer Companions does not have a program for children and teens. All adults are welcome.